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Barga in Lino

Lino printing is a fantastic way to to create great images....and very 'beginner friendly' 

A lino printing course in the historic Italian town of Barga full of inspiration.  During the week you will gather inspiration, develop and image, create the master and make multiple prints...finishing off with an exhibition of work.  Lots of fun.  Suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience.
This is a residential course.  Accommodation options including the course, materials and breakfast and self catering facilities:
1. 1 person in an ensuite room £730
2. 1 person in a room with shared bathroom £660
3. 2 people sharing an ensuite room £1200
4. 2 people sharing a room with shared bathroom £1110
A discount is available if the second person in a shared room is not doing the course.
Further information is here.  If you would like to book or have further questions, please message us here

After an introduction to the printing process, we set out, inspired by our surroundings to gather some real life images from our environment.  These may be buildings, icons, people, vegetation or the spectacular scenery around us.  These may be combined with personal images and ideas in the studio or working outside to generate the original image from which to print.  Then we work through the printing process choosing colours and papers as well as depth and texture.....lots to think about.  By the end of the course students will have produced a small edition of images which will be displayed in a group exhibition in the Quattro Archi gallery.  Comprehensive course notes are provided to take home together with all the students prints.

The days start after breakfast at around 9.30 and the studio and tutor are available throughout the day.  You can take a break for lunch or a rest or a glass of prosecco whenever you need it!

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