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Here are mini bios for some of the tutors:

Jane Richardson studied Graphic Design in Leeds and has had many teaching roles in schools and evening classes. She has enjoyed teaching drawing and painting to both adults and children both in the UK and Norway for a number of years. She is also a specialist printmaker and has exhibited work in Aberdeen as well as supplied work to clients as personal commissions.  She has both prints and paintings in the Quattro Archi accommodation. She has run a successful gallery in Aberdeen (Musa) and is now the artistic director at Quattro Archi.

Bryan Angus is a visual artist based in Banff, north Aberdeenshire, on the Moray Firth. He's inspired by the land and sea around him and the rich history of the people who shaped this coast. Part of his own family comes from along this coast giving him a strong sense of belonging.

These days he makes art, exhibits and works on art projects with other artists. He also creates designs and artwork for commercial projects in retail, visitor centres, book illustration and for a variety of industrial applications. He used to run an art holiday centre and artist retreat, set up with wife Carla. 

Mike Samson studied at Dundee and Aberdeen and graduated with a BAhons in Fine Art, a Post-graduate Diploma in Art and Design and a Masters Degree in Fine Art. Over the past twenty years he has won several awards and participated in group and solo exhibitions throughout Scotland. He was a senior lecturer in art at Aberdeen College for ten years before establishing a business in community art education. His work is held in private collections across the world including several pieces in the Royal Scottish Academy of Art.  

Allison Samson studied Illustration and Graphic Design in Dundee and has continued to experiment with expressive mixed media and printing techniques. She has taught art with Mike, both ‘online’ and in ‘face-to-face’ classes, as well as helping lead art and cultural trips throughout Europe and the UK. 

As other course dates and details are confirmed, further tutor details will be provided.

Samson Art

Alison and Mike Samson
Alison and Mike Samson with students
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