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What to Expect

We thought it would be useful to provide a bit more information about Quattro Archi, Barga and our courses.  Any questions....please get in touch

  • A traditional Italian medieval hilltop town with steep cobbled streets, few vehicles, great views, food and architecture.  Bring sensible shoes and definitely no heels!

  • A very old building with lots of steps, irregular doors and hard polished floors which are an integral part of the wonderful character of a building of this type and age.  If you are not confident about living in this environment, please get in touch before booking.

  • A combination of self catering with a dash of B&B.  We offer self catering accommodation with access to cooking facilities but we also provide breakfast which we clear away so you can get on with your course and being creative. For other meals you can prepare them yourself and clear up afterwards or please visit more than 10 restaurants and cafes near by.  To help with the self catering we provide (within reason) tea, coffee, milk, salt, pepper, herbs, spices, oil, waste bags, washing up liquid, kitchen roll and toilet roll.

  • A good buffet breakfast usually at 0830-0900 on the terrace while you enjoy the view.   We don’t have a commercial kitchen so we put out breakfast food which we buy in, mostly from a local restaurant.  It varies day to day but generally includes fresh bread and pastries, fruit, cooked meat, cheese, cake, yoghurt, juice, tea and coffee.

  • There are two kitchens which you are welcome to use to prepare food to your liking for any meal.  Most commonly they are used by people on a course preparing their lunch or perhaps speciality breakfast items or making dinner.

  • Limited food flexibility. If you have specific dietary requirements you will probably need look after these aspects yourself as we don’t have the expertise or facilities to respond fully to specific food requirements.  But of course we’ll do what we can within the normal breakfast routine to meet your needs.  Restaurants and shops in Italy are quite good at gluten free and other dietary requests.

  • A large and small terrace both with great views.  A garden with herbs which you are welcome to use for cooking or just enjoy the perfume.

  • A mid sized supermarket, butchers, grocers, greengrocers, bakeries, hardware, pharmacies etc are all available in the town.  Pharmacies in Italy are quite good in that they usually have a doctor on site.  However the medicines are expensive so remember to bring your own.

  • We have a washing machine so that you can travel light and give your clothes a quick wash to get you through the week. We make a small charge for each wash which we donate to the environmental charity Tuscany Environment Foundation

  • Courses usually start at 9.30 or 10.00 each day after a sociable breakfast with a plan for the day and demonstrations where appropriate.  The earlier part of the course focuses on collecting images, ideas and other material to create your subject and composition.  Then you move on to the execution of the process or technique in order to have finished work ready for a fun informal exhibition on the final evening.  Demonstrations, feedback and advice are available at any time.

  • Two adjoining studios, an external covered ‘loggia’ and a spacious gallery.  There is a relief printing press and an intaglio printing press. Stools, easels, drawing and painting materials, aprons, paper, hanging and drying facilities.

  • Materials are provided for your course and are included in the course fee.  If you want significant additional or different materials there may be a charge for this but you can discuss that at the time

  • The usual characteristics of a warm country such as strong midday sunshine and flying insects, so be prepared for protection from the sun, insects and insect bites.

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