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Lino print of Aristo's bar
Lino print of Barga cathedral
Lino print of trees
Lino print of the view of the mountains from Quattro Archi
Decorating the gallery with flowers
arch window
adjoining building


Nestling under the cathedral near the top of the hill, Vicolo del Duomo is a very Italian hotch-potch building. The basement has wonderful high arched ceilings and has been restored as workshops, studios and gallery. On top of this is the spectacular terrace with striking views which connects to the accommodation in buildings which are believed to range from the 12th to the 19th century….who knows!  There are eight double rooms for guests and two self contained apartments for tutors. The buildings have been tastefully restored with modern bathrooms and comfortable bedrooms.

Quattro Archi offers a unique and inspirational space which can be used by artists all year round.  It is a fantastic venue for both art courses and artists in residence.  It is also available for holiday accommodation when courses are not scheduled.

The gallery is bathed in natural light which is supplemented by modern artificial light in parts of the building as required.  The studios and workshops provide enough space for artists working either together or alone on large projects.  There is also a covered outdoor space which is useful, while the top level has breath taking views of town and mountains.

Photo of the historic arches in the gallery
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