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QUATTRO ARCHI is a conglomeration of buildings. A former police chief's office, monastery, cantina and adjoining apartments make up a mini art complex.  The accommodation consists of three bedrooms in the house (2 double and one small twin), a large en-suite bedroom off the entrance corridor, 2 private one bedroom artist apartments and 4 en-suite bedrooms accessed from the entrance corridor.  Get in touch for further details.

The accommodation is used for course participants when a residential course is on.  In between times it is also available for holiday rental.....usually through TripAdvisor rentals......or contact us for best rates 

Room 1.  Double with view.  Shared bathroom

Room 1

Room 2. Small twin room. Shared bathroom

Room 2

Room 3. Large double.  Shared bathroom

Room 3

Room 4. Large ensuite twin room

Room 4

Room 5. Double ensuite bathroom.

Room 5

Room 6.  Twin with enxuite bathroom.

Room 6

Smaller of 2 kitchens

Kitchen 2

Room 7. Large double with ensuite bathroom

Room 7

Room 8.  Twin with ensuite bathroom

Room 8

Room 7.  Large double with ensuite bathroom.

Room 7

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