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Our first artists in residence (Mick and Jeni Brown) completed their residency in September 2022 when their exhibition closed. They spent nearly three months creating original work in Quattro Archi which was then displayed in the gallery until early September. Over half the work on display was sold. 2023 has seen Bryan Angus, a prominent print maker spend a month at Quattro Archi creating some wonderful images.  And Margaret Preston, flautist and painter spent June at Quattro Archi being inspired.  Rebecca Spicer is scheduled for a residency in August - September  2024.  If you are interested in joining us as an artist in residence, get in touch.

These residencies have been very successful but we recognise the process has been somewhat piecemeal.  Before the end of 2023 we will publish selection criteria and a transparent process so that those who would like to spend time with us can understand the application process and more about the required skills and attiributes.


Quattro Archi is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to foster and encourage artistic development and cultural exchange between Italy and foreign countries.  In this context, the objective is to develop a relationship between Barga in Tuscany and other parts of  the world through the medium of visual art.


An artist in residence programme has been identified as a key part of developing cultural ties and encouraging artistic diversity and learning.  Quattro Archi has been created with this intention and is well located within a popular part of Italy with facilities which allow artistic practice to take place.  It is envisaged that there will be two types of residency....short and long each of which involve a different set of key steps:


Short Residency

  • Invitation to apply for residency

  • Promotion of opportunity within art community and institutions

  • Selection of artist

  • Agreement of terms and deliverables

  • Artist on site for defined period (2-3 weeks)

  • Information and image gathering

  • Engaging with the community to obtain inspiration

  • Compilation of portfolio of raw material for subsequent use

  • Report back to sponsor steering committee

  • Online exhibition


Long Residency

  • Invitation to apply for a residency

  • Promotion of opportunity within art community and institutions

  • Selection of artist

  • Agreement of terms and deliverables

  • Artist on site for defined period (3-4 months)

  • Regular feedback and progress reports to steering committee

  • Specific engagement with community

  • General open studio

  • Educational visits (eg local schools/colleges)

  • Exhibition or other agreed deliverable in Barga, Italy

  • Exhibition in home location

  • Online exhibition



Quattro Barga will provide approximately 100 sq metres of workshop and studio space, equipped for specialist art activities in a refurbished traditional building in Barga Vecchia.  In addition, approximately 150 sq metres of gallery/exhibition space with good public access close to the town centre are available for the duration of the residency.  These facilities will enable to artist to

work at the heart of a small town in Tuscany, engage with a vibrant community, share concepts with members of the art community, work on projects without the need to ‘pack-up’ on a daily basis, produce work with a specific exhibition space in mind


The artist in residence will be provided with free accommodation adjacent to Quattro Archi in a one-bedroom self-contained apartment suitable for one or two people.  Depending on the season, a charge may be made for utilities.


Longer residencies will be expected to conclude with an exhibition in Quattro Archi of a scale appropriate for the medium and artist.  This will be agreed in advance.  In addition, the artist will identify an opportunity to exhibit the work back at their home location.  It is recognised that the specific details and opportunities will vary and be agreed with each artist.

The artist will also create an online exhibition on the Quatro Archi website and their own, if available.


The artist in residence will extend an invitation to the local schools in Barga to visit the studio at Quattro Archi and see and discuss the ongoing work.  If the schools identify particular students specialising in the type of art processes at the time,  they may be invited to spend longer with the artist.

Public Engagement

The artist will arrange and advertise a specific time when the studio will be open to the public and the artist will be working on the project and able to answer questions and explain the work.


The artist will not receive any payment and will not be considered to be employed or self-employed.  The artist will be solely engaged in pursuing their passions and interests and not involved in any business activities.

Vine on terrace
View to west from terrace
Adjoining building
View over Barga
Painting by Mick Brown
Painting by Mick Brown
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