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The Magic of Printmaking

When I say the magic of printmaking, I do so because that's how it seems to me. I am not a printmaker (my interest is silversmithing) but I am an experienced observer of printmaking. We have had over 100 people on courses at Quattro Archi and most have done some printing. I can't recall any of them that didn't get a good result. There are those who bring with them a stock picture because they feel creatively challenged and there are those who are skilled at drawing. They all start at a slightly different place but it seems to me that the 'democratizing' effect of the printmaking process some how gives everybody a great result. At the end of our courses we always have a mini exhibition and opening with a glass of prosecco where we display the week's work. I can honestly say that I would be proud to put my name to any one of those prints.

I don't think that printmaking is particularly simple. We had an advanced course where there was more detail and more sophisticated use of shadows and light, but the simple designs are very attractive too. And the printmaking process appeals to those who like a defined process....draw, cut, ink, print, repeat.

If you fancy having a go or developing some skills you already have, we have printmaking courses available on 26 May, 28 July and 25 August all in the delightful hills of Tuscany (residential self catering with breakfast)

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