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Exciting news.......the first artist in residence at Quattro Archi has been announced. In fact, it is actually two art couple...Jeni and Mick Brown. Jeni and Mick have long careers in creating and teaching art. They currently live in Anglesey, North Wales and will relocate to Barga for around three months to work on the launch project at Quattro Archi.

Mick Brown is an established painter who creates large work. His canvases are energetic and expressive, capturing the mood and spiritual essence of a place. The gallery space at Quattro Archi is perfect for his style of work giving a superb backdrop for his semi-abstract and symbolic work.

Jeni Brown is an experienced artist as well as teacher of all ages. Her love of drawing is apparent in her paintings, prints and sculptures. While her work may not match Mick's in terms of size, it makes up for it in its inspired creative quality.

Mick and Jeni plan to take up residence at Quattro Archi at the end of April 2022 through until July during which they will have open studios for visitors to see their work and conclude with an exhibition in the new gallery.

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