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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Creating a series of transient mini sculptures around the urban environment

Barga has a history of migration both to and from the town......the historic flow of the impoverished Barga inhabitants looking to make their fortune in the world......the ebb and flow of relatives often from Scotland and the regular stream of tourists soaking up the local ambiance.....they all have their own story. So it was this background which inspired a population of micro sculptures.

Each figure was created as an individual migrant personality. And each of a team of six sculptors injected their own style and interpretation to create a potential invasion of visitors. But don't visas were required. The figures were just a few centimetres tall and made from salt dough which washes away in the rain.

Once the figures were formed and dried in the warm Tuscan sunshine, each sculptor found a quiet time of day to place their creations around the town.......on window ledges, gaps in stonework or unused doorways.

After a few days as part of the community they had all gone.....but left a micro memory for locals and visitors alike.

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